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November 27, 2009
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Kanzi Suite by Scnd101 Kanzi Suite by Scnd101
OS-X inspired suite for KDE4, version 0.71

***Quick update, forgot to add color scheme...***

Requires: Bespin, Aurorae, (Optional: Fancy Tasks Plasmoid)


Bespin Config
Aurorae Windeco
Icon Theme
Plasma Theme
Fancy Tasks dock background
Color Scheme

Wallpaper is "Aurora Reloaded" by `manicho [link]

Also includes a amarok icon by deviantdark (hydroxygen), as a stand-in until I make my own :)
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wallybescotty Mar 25, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
i like it, i dont know how to theme KDE myself lol i have kubuntu backports on my linux mint so i can do things with it, but dont know how to theme it, but what is the dock?
Phew, went ahead and signed up *just* to leave a comment here.

OK, well here goes:

It would be lovely if you could take the time to flesh out a proper help file in your package as it's pretty useless in its current state.

I'm sitting here with a package, extracted it and went through all kinds of hell to compile Bespine and Aurorae and I'm still stuck on the installing part - quite simply put because I've got no real idea as to where :
1) I actually select to use Aurorae
2) I select the Aurorae theme included
3) This mythical .config/Bespine folder is (it sure isn't anywhere under my home directory [used find $HOME -iname Bespine])
4) How to toggle this mac-like menu bar on
5) How to install the included Plasma theme

Now you may say it's because I'm not too familiar with KDE, and you'd be right. But what I'm trying to say here is that it strikes me as rather odd (and a complete shame!) to make such a wonderful piece of work only to deliver it in such a poor way.

Don't get it wrong, I'm not trying to act as if you were my Indian tech-support guy whose obliged to fix my problems, but I'm trying to point out how many potential users you're missing by not giving them a fighting chance to get this thing up and running.

All the best!
I will probably create a help file when I get around releasing a 1.0 release, it's a little problematic right now since it's using the latest svn of bespin.

1) in systemsettings>appearance>windows,
if it doesn't show up then something probably went wrong with the compilation, what distro do you use? isn't there a compiled package anywhere?

2) in a dropdown once you've selected aurorae for windeco

3) It should be "bespin" (without capital B and e at end). It should be in .config (Alt+. to show hidden folders in dolphin)

4)xbar plasmoid while using bespin

5) untar it in home/kde4/share/apps/desktoptheme/

hope that helps
Great! Customization, this is exactly why I use linux. Thx
unperse Nov 28, 2009  Student Interface Designer
moar :)
Already working on another one :P
Izobalax Nov 27, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
Absolutely fantastic work!

Izobalax Nov 30, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
Hmm... just trying this now and I can't seem to get the dark toolbar that you get.

I think you'll need the latest svn of bespin, maybe you could try [link] ?
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